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Project Title : Margaret Blouse
Short Project Description:
My Aunt was a Seamstress, when she died she left her stash to my, my mam and my grandma, my grandma has a lot of dexterity problems now and recently donated her part of my Aunt's stash to me. In her part was a vintage night dress with a chunk cut out of the bottom and I am planning to convert it into a blouse. I will be removing the damaged itchy lace and replacing it with my own hand crocheted lace.
Projected Deadline: Hopefully I'll get this finished before Friday so I can bring it to Whitby with me for Alt Fest.

Materials needed: Crochet yarn and sewing thread.

Challenges or obstacles : I'm a little frightened in case I screw this up what with it being slightly sentimental.

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The community hasn't been very active lately, and for that I apologize.  I want there to be more things we do, themes and craft-alongs.  Discussions and etc.  If anyone has ANY ideas for things to help get this community more active, post about it!  :)  We're an open community and anyone can post ideas and questions.  
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I'm afraid I don't have the time to run the KAL/CAL this time around.  I was wondering if anyone wanted to run one or the other?  

I had to move my wedding up to this year, and I'm attending five more conventions to sell at, running a chat on Lolita fashion at the Illinois Institute of Art Schaumburg, and attending another convention just to go, so I'm kind of short on time and losing my mind!
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A sweet bunny and an IW bow.

Hey ladies!  Here are 2 recent loliesque projects.
Firstly a little rabbit that is now sat happily on my mantelpiece. I used this pattern (but made the legs/arms longer) and this pattern for the ears. I'm so pleased with the pattern combos I thought I'd share, incase anyone else wanted to make a rabbit friend. I used Sirdar snowflake yarn - which made it impossible to see the stitches.... but then the mistakes dont show either! Genius! And snowflake yarn gives a super cute fluffyness.

Secondly here is the IW hair bow from the Winter 2009 English GLB. Great pattern and quite simple. The crocheted lace edge makes this really special. Made in cotton DK - it is quite heavy/chunky. I'm tempted to try it in a finer yarn for a smaller lighter daintier bow.
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So, the vote is in and it seems seasonal projects are the most popular plan for projects.  As a result, I would like to do a small "mini" KAL and CAL from now until March 20th, the official first day of Spring 2011.  This mini project will be the dreaded wrist cuffs! 

Wrist cuffs are often a controversial topic in Lolita communities.  Few seem to know how to use them correctly, and those who do don't ever seem to explain exactly how they are used.

I think they look nice peeking out from beneath a long sleeved shirt, but its not about how I would use them  Its about crating a beautiful pair of ruffled, lacy, or ruffled AND lacy cuffs in a yarn you love, then coordinating it in a manner you feel is proper to the Lolita look.

I need someone to volunteer to run the crochet side of this craft-along, and I'll run the knit side.  I am going to choose a list of patterns from Ravelry mostly, but also from other sources.  If you do not yet have a ravelry account, I highly suggest you get one, but it isn't needed.  They are offered as a download and some patterns can be viewed without an account.  In any case, we can share the pattern with anyone who does not have an account.

Poll #1666673 Which wrist cuff pattern do you want to do through March 21st?

Pick one
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Poll and Appearance

Poll #1656848 2011 What to do?

How often should be do Knit Alongs and Crochet Alongs?

Once a month
Every other month
Seasonally (beginning and ending on the first and last day of a season respectively)
KALs less often than CAL
Other (Please Comment)

How should we do KALs and CALs?

Independently with different types of projects
Themed with similar projects or ideas
Themed with the same project type

What types of projects do you want to see?

Other (commented)

Also, I want to change the appearance of the community but I don't know how to make a pretty background and change the banner.  Any tips?